The Continental Quarterly – Volume 4


Biggest Loser WINNER!

On March 31st, CRES finished its third installment of The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Competition.  19 motivated employees took part, with the winner, Avianne Clay, taking home the grand prize of $300.  Avianne dropped an incredible 31 pounds over the course of twelve weeks.  We were so inspired by everyone’s efforts earlier this year that we’re going to have a second competition starting in June!  We’re excited to welcome summer with group walks, recipes to share, and pounds to lose!  Stay tuned for more results!   


Choose Fresh: Beware of the working person’s snack trap. It is often easier and cheaper to grab a bag of chips or a candy bar when you’re famished. Instead, try to bring fresh vegetables and/or fruit with you to work. Buy groceries at the beginning of the week and package single servings of your favorite healthy snacks to stash in your desk.  Planning ahead is key! Add Greek yogurt and almonds for a boost of iron, calcium and omega-3’s!

Read Labels: We all know many processed foods are not generally good for our health. At times, we can be fooled by packaging that claims, “All natural” or “Low in sugar.” The key to seeing through the packaging comes in the ingredient list – read it. The ingredients are listed in order of quantity, so the greatest quantities come first and the lowest come at the end. If dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, enriched flour or any unknown ingredients are listed near the top, chose something else!  If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.  If it’s “low sugar” but contains artificial sweetener such as aspartame, skip it.  Got a mean sweet tooth?  Try honey!


Spring Training!

Last month we celebrated the arrival of spring (and baseball) with an office BBQ!  The staff took turns flipping burgers while sporting our fancy new CRES aprons.  We lucked out with mild temperatures and sunny skies!
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